Miami Boosts Business Growth with Million Dollar Incentives: An Opportunity for Expansion and Talent

Miami is transforming into a global business epicenter, and the Miami Downtown Development Authority (Miami DDA) is playing a crucial role in this change. With an incentive program offering $1.1 million, the city seeks to attract and expand businesses in the Central Business District (CBD), the Arts and Entertainment District (A&E), and Brickell.

Incentives for Retail Trade and Startups

– Up to $50,000 for retail businesses in the CBD.

– Up to $25,000 for startup operations.

Support for Medium Companies

– Up to $50,000 to encourage commercial office leases.

– $500 for every 500 square feet of new leased space.

– $2,000 for each new employee.

A Vision of the Future

Christina Crespi, CEO of Miami DDA, says the city has seen massive growth since the pandemic and these incentives are based on continued success.

How Does Our Agency Fit Into This Panorama?

At Phoenix Pro Connect, we understand that talent is the core of any successful company. With Miami on track to become a world-class business center, the demand for qualified professionals is at an all-time high. Our agency specializes in connecting companies with the best talent in the market, ensuring that your investment in Miami is fruitful.

Our services

– Recruitment and selection of high-level personnel.

– Strategic consulting in human resources.

– Customized solutions for talent integration.


Miami DDA incentives represent an unprecedented opportunity for companies looking to grow in a dynamic market. To ensure your company has the best team, Phoenix Pro Connect is here to help you find the leaders and visionaries who will drive your success in Miami’s vibrant business landscape.

For more information on how we can support your company’s growth with top-notch talent, contact us today.

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